Number Plates
number plates

Number Plates

We specialise in custom show number plates and 100% road legal number plates.

Legal Plates

New legislation that came into action on 1st November 2008 means that as a registered number plate supplier we are only able to make show plates as long as they don’t resemble a registration mark. Names, logos and advertising livery are still permitted on a number plate as long as they aren’t used on the public road and they shall be classed as show number plates.

The law requires any number plate to be made to an exact British Standard and this includes using the correct shape, size and colour digits, for them to be spaced correctly and to display the makers name and postcode at the bottom (our name). We also need to see original documentation relating to the registration and a single form of identification before making any plates.

Acceptable documents to confirm identity

  • A driving licence whether or not issued in the United Kingdom (with or without a photograph). This is preferred because it is a secure, government-issued document showing both name and address
  • A bill issued by electricity, gas or water supplier, a landline telephone bill or a council tax bill (current within the last six months)
  • A bank or building society statement
  • A passport (whether issued or not in the United Kingdom)
  • A national identity card issued by the Government of a state or territory other than the United Kingdom
  • A debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society
  • A police warrant card
  • An armed forces identity card

Acceptable documents to establish entitlement to the registration mark

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) - this is the preferred document
  • The tear off slip V5C/2 (section 10) of the V5C
  • Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)
  • Cherished transfer retention document (V778)
  • Vehicle licence renewal form (V11)
  • Temporary registration certificate (V379)
  • Authorisation certificate (V948) with official DVLA stamp
  • A letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease/hire company) - the letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C, not the vehicle identification number

Optional Extras allowed on a number plate:

  1. Coloured borders up to 6mm in width providing they are not retroreflective.
  2. Euroflag emblem on the left hand side can be used in the European Union instead of displaying the traditional oval national identifier sticker.
  3. From 28.12.01 the government announced its intention to permit the display of national flags. This permits the voluntary use of the Union flag, Scottish Saltire, Cross of St.George and Welsh red dragon.
  4. We have a choice of 6 digits that meet the specified requirement. In addition to the standard Black we can offer two types of 3d Digits, two types of Carbon Fibre effect and Hi-line characters and all have a luminance factor no greater than that of the standard Black.